How to Tie a Bow Tie

  • The bow tie. It is mainly avoided by men for two reasons: one is that it is oft-comical. Two, is that no one is quite sure how to tie a bow tie. Correcting the first concern is all a state of mind; the bow tie is only comical if you let it be. Wear it with confidence.

  • The second issue explained below

Step 1. Drape the tie

How to tie a bow tie step1

Drape the bow tie around your neck, under your collar, with one side and inch and half lower than the other.

In case you are bored off with the very same pattern of tying a neck tie every time, you can just adjust a little to your own routine with the help of bow tie. Bow tie is an accessorie worn with suits or dinner jackets.

Step 2. Cross the ends and pass

How to tie a bow tie step2

Cross the longer end over the shorter. Do it near your neck so that the loop around your neck is just large enough to work with but not loose. Then tuck it up through the hole between the tie and your neck. Make sure it is comfortable.

You can find ready-tied bow ties where a textured bow is sewed into form and the band tied around neck has a clip. Bow ties might be manufactured of silk, polyester or mix of fabrics. Tying a bow tie is also not so complicated as you might think.

Step 3. Double the short end on itself

How to tie a bow tie step3

Pull the dangling end up to the knot and fold it to be shaped like a bow. Its narrow midpoint should sit right at the bow tie knot. Hold this fold.

The majority of men do not like wearing neckties and bow ties with the exception of desperate occasions. However you have to admit it, neckties and bow ties add a certain elegance. Often, you can even find yourself saying, “Bond.. James Bond”.

Step 4. Drop the long end

How to tie a bow tie step4

Drop the raised end of the tie over the bow, letting it rest lengthwise.

Even though ties make you consider that your sweetheart is a sadist, you must admit that you do look sexy in ties. Moreover, it’s not so terrible because you will find numerous tie styles to choose from.

Step 5. Push the bulb through the knot

how to tie a bow tie step6

And now, the tricky part: Fold the bow part in half over the lengthwise piece, simultaneously bring it up behind the first bow and pull the folded edge through the knot you made in Step 3. It should form the back half of the bow.

(I know it’s messy, hopefully sexy video tutorials will be able to help. Let’s continue..)

Apart from getting you choke and look sexy, bow ties also offer you a delicate way to improve your look.

Step 6. Tighten the knot

how to tie a bow tie step6

Tighten the knot by pulling on opposite sides both folded ends carefully, until the bow is the desired shape and tightness.

Even though understanding how to pick good tie materials is essential, learning which tie style appears best together with a specific shirt or proper occasion is important.

Step 7. Adjust and spread the world

How to tie a bow tie step1

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How to Tie a Bow Tie Infographic

How to tie a bow tie infographic

How to tie a bow tie infographic